Wanna become a Poker Pro?! Basics and info you can’t afford to overlook!

An Insight into Poker Variants

There are more than 300 different varieties of poker that are played in different parts of the world. These variants are so many that an average poker player who plays only the most well-known version – Texas Hold ‘Em poker - may not even have heard of many of them!

Do you think you know them all?

Let’s list out a few of them for you:
- Five Card Draw Poker
- Five Card Double Draw High-Low
- Five Card Stud
- 4-2-3
- 2-11
- 7 and What Makes It
- 8 Game Mix
- All for One and One for All
- Black Mariah
- Crazy Pineapple
- Dead Deuce
- English Stud
- Dirty Schultz
- Follow the Queen
- High Card Poker
- Howdy Doody
- Low Chicago
- Mutual of Omaha
- Off-Road Stud
- Pass the Trash
- Riding Ramone
- Round the World
- Rochester Poker
- Seven Twenty Seven
- Swiss Hold’em
- Turkish Poker
…..and these are only a few!

So, what do you say now?!

Poker games mainly vary depending on the way in which the cards are dealt to the players and whether the lowest or highest hand wins the game. All poker games have a similar style of play, but can be majorly divided into four different categories:

Straight Poker
In straight poker, players bet only in one round after a complete hand is dealt to them. Although poker players adopt all sorts of strategies these days, having straight five cards can be easily used in a final showdown for winning the pot. The best possible straight hand in straight poker is 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, while the lowest straight is 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The origin of this type of poker lies in an age-old card game known as Primero, popularly referred to as three card brag in the UK.

Stud Poker
In this poker variant, the cards are dealt in a prearranged combination of face up and face down cards, followed by a betting round. Seven Card Stud is by far the most popular type of Stud poker played these days in which two extra cards are dealt to every player. Four cards are face-up while three are face-down. There are many other popular variants of stud poker such as Mississippi, Blind Stud, Six Card Stud, High-Low Stud and more.

Draw poker
Easily the most straightforward poker variant, this involves dealing of five face-down cards to every player. Players are allowed to change their cards with different ones in an attempt to improve their hands. Five Card Draw is considered the most popular version of draw poker.

Community card poker
Also popularly referred to as flop poker, this poker variant involves dealing of incomplete hands to different players, comprising of face-down cards. Thereafter, a specific number of face-up community cards are dealt on the poker table’s center. All players are free to use one or more of these community cards for making their best five card hand. Omaha poker and Texas Hold ‘Em poker are two best known community card poker games.

Many other card games that employ poker hand rankings may also be referred to as poker. Strip poker is an excellent example in which players are asked to remove their clothing as they lose their bets! Then there are other examples like Red Dog Poker, Acey-Deucy and more.