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Offline vs. Online Poker

Well, you may think that poker is poker after all, no matter where you play – off-line or online! A flush would beat three-of-a-kind both in a brick-and-mortar as well as an online casino. And the goal is also the same – to bag your opponents’ chips. However, that’s precisely where the similarities between these two different mediums start and end. Online poker differs from the off-line version in many distinct ways. Let’s take you through some of these differences as follows:

One of the major differences between off-line and online poker is the duration of the poker games. Brick-and-mortar games are usually longer compared to the online ones. While a poker player can last anywhere around eight hours or more at a table in a brick-and-mortar casino, he/she gets the option of playing just a few hands and then moving on to a different table, or even a different website in the online medium. Players in a real casino usually play against the same opponents for many hours at a stretch. But in online version, you may get to play against a great multitude of players in the same timeframe.

It’s fairly possible to read your opponent’s body language and spot his/her tells in a real casino. However, this is extremely difficult in the online environment. The online poker games are usually too short for a player to start figuring out his/her opponent’s tells or game strategies. Majority of online poker players don’t even have the required time for spotting the strengths or weaknesses of their opponents. On the other hand, bluffing is fairly easy in the online medium, since a player isn’t required to show his face or look at other players while bluffing.

You may possibly need to deal with several different distractions in an online poker game, something that may be missing in case of a poker games played in brick-and-mortar casinos. Such distractions like watching YouTube, checking Facebook account, reading email etc. can go against a player. However, these indulgences may not matter much if the opponents are also getting distracted by the same things. That results in a levelled playing field actually.

Strategic differences
Despite the fact that the basic concept of poker remains the same in both off-line and online versions, you may observe a major difference in the approach of great online poker players compared to the off-line ones. As you can’t depend on the physical tells in online poker, you are required to be more focused to be able to research your opponents’ histories and betting habits. In off-line poker, you can easily draw from the physical tells and gain good insight into the hands your opponents may be holding.
Playing poker on the Internet requires you to be more creative. Although you may be able to check your opponent’s statistics, you won’t be able to know anything about his/her style unless you have played with him/her before. How you play against your opponents for the first time differs significantly on the off-line and online platforms. Online poker demands a more analytical approach, while brick-and-mortar poker requires hiding of emotions and more dependence on instincts.

Needless to say, online poker is any day more convenient compared to the off-line version. You can login at any time, any day, and start playing.